Laser Therapy

Manage Pain, Reduce Inflammation,
Restore Mobility.

Benefits using Laser Therapy:
  • Super-Pulsed Rapid Recovery Laser Therapy (SPURR)
    - Accelerates Healing and Recovery
  • Reduces or Eliminates Pain, FAST!
    - Over 95% of patients feel relief within minutes.
  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation
    - Sustained benefits after only a few treatments.
  • Restores Mobility in Joints
    - Faster return to normal activity and lifestyle.
  • Faster Healing
    - Heal surgical wounds, repaired structures and joint replacements fast.
  • Reduces Scar Formation
    - Improved cosmetic appearance.

Practical Benefits

Treatment that makes sense
  • Reduce Down-Time After Surgery or Injury
    - Less time spent in sling or crutches.
  • Less Pain-Killer Medication and Fewer Side Effects
    - Lower risk for complications and addiction.
  • No Need for Physical Therapy
    - Less pain and stiffness allows your function to return without PT.
  • Save Time
    - Average laser treatment is 10 minutes, average therapy session is 1 hour.
  • Save Money
    - Hundreds of dollars saved in physical therapy copays, less time away from work.
  • Faster Return to Work, Sports and Leisure Activities.
  • Feel Better, Faster
    - SPURR Laser Treatment helps you regain your normal life FAST!

Healing At The Speed of Light

The science behind SPURR Laser Therapy

Benefits using Laser Therapy:
  • Laser delivered at specific therapeutic wavelengths have positive effects on the body’s cells.
  • Laser waves block pain signals to the brain and release endorphins and enkephalins.
  • Laser light increases ATP and energy production to repair damaged cells, and stimulates
    blood vessel growth and improved healing of damaged and surgically repaired tissue.
  • Laser energy causes cells to remove toxins like histamine and cytokines,
    and increase oxygen and food intake, leading to rapid healing of damaged or repaired tissue.
  • Super-Pulsed Laser beams produce faster and better response in cells, producing results in minutes,
    compared to traditional lasers.

Class IV Laser

Most Advanced laser technology